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Baljeet/Baltahj Mendi
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Nationalty: Republic of India
Age: 33
Humanity: Baljeet Mendi
Personatliy: Baljeet enjoys being happy and relaxed, but he feels anxious because of his people. Baljeet is very kind and a loyal friend. He has respects and deep hatred for other nations.
National flower: Lotus
Sexuality: H e t e r o s e x u a l
( Thank England, Portugal, France, and others for the fact most Indians are homophobic. )
Birthday: January 26


•India brings out his Bollywood dancers randomly with a snap of his fingers
•India loves to Dance/Sing
•Some of India’s close friends are Russia, Tibet, Mongolia, Vietnam, Prussia, Germany, Thailand, Nepal,Philippines and Japan
•India’s sibling Shri Lanka also represents part of south India’s culture
•India has a very high tolerance for hot weather and Spicy food
•India is a vegetarian; and curry/rice is his favorite food
•He is a part of the “eyebrows club” because of British Imperialism over India
•Even though India is always trying to move forward into the advanced modern age, he actually prefers a simple traditional lifestyle
•India’s mother was the Indus River Valley
•India hated Britain when he was first was imperialized, but as they got to know eachother better they became good friends; hence why India gained its independence peacefully
•India is a party animal and loves having random celebrations
•Even though India and Pakistan hold hostility between eachother, India still feels a close connection since Pakistan was created by splitting off a piece of India
•India has a scar on the front of his right shoulder from when his land was split to form Pakistan
•India is a Lady Gaga fan
•India raised several of the asian counties along with China
•India can speak fluent Italian ever since Italian-born Sonia Gandhi became the president of the Indian National Congress Party
•India is fond of jewelry and nice clothes; he always likes looking his best- but fears that people will think of him as vain because of this
•India is one of the most hospitable nations and welcomes anyone who visits him like they are the guests of honor
•India was childhood friends with Greece; their mothers Indus and Ancient Greece would frequently help eachother raise the pair
•India excels at Science and Math
•India is the biggest techie/ computer geek you will ever meet. There isn’t anything he can’t do with electronics
•India has memorized the Kama Sutra and is would be any lovers fantasy in bed; however India is still a virgin
•India secretly promised himself that he would bring India back to the top of the world like his Mother Indus was
•India can quote any scene and song any song in existence from Bollywood movies
•Gandhi was India’s role model; when he died India mourned for weeks without speaking to anyone.
• Every year on Gandhi death anniversary India spends the day alone meditating in a forest for several hours.
•India wishes to someday improve relations with Pakistan; it still haunts him that Gandhi’s wish for peace between the two groups has yet to come true.
•Similar to Prussia’s Gilbird, India has his own pet Peacock named Nila
•India is a bit of a jokester and loves a good laugh
•India enjoys reading manga/watching anime with Japan
•India’s health was compromised for some time after Pakistan was formed- but was forced to fight him anyway after tension between the two rose
•India has a “cool/suave” personality type, but when angered (which is pretty rare) he can be merciless into forcing the other to submit and apologize for their wrongdoing
•During the 17th and 18th century India was one of the most powerful navies in the subcontinent and at various times defeated the European Navy’s that came after his country
•Just because India practices non-violence by no means makes him a pushover
•India had trusted Britian when he allowed the British East India Company to have influence over his country; an when India was imperialised he saw it as a great betrayal. He still harbors a bitter feeling about this despite good relations with Britain.


:thumb154982394: Indian - Stamp by Shantella India is part of Asia by Alternativeproject
I Love Dancing by Wearwolfaa YES, I WATCH PORN - stamp by arisu-in-wonderland Lesbian Love Stamp by PleasurelyPainful Why? stamp by aftersunsets

Requests - Open by SweetDuke Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke

~ Female England
~ Female America
~ Female China
~ Female Japan
~ Female South Korea
~ Taiwan
~ Vietnam
~ Female Russia
~ Belarus

Just so you know. :| Don't ask me about yaoi.



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(Also Indian, *high five* Just continue, like RP!)

The girl walked through the rain, late for her singing lessons. She had somehow managed to forget her umbrella, which was extremely foolish of her. She broke into a sprint, running through the tight crowd. She bumped into a tall man, and fell over. "Ouch..." she exclaimed faintly. She opened her eyes to see the stranger that she had bumped into was quite handsome. A faint blush appeared on her cheek as she began to frantically apologize in Hind. "Mujhe maaf kar do ji!"
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Seņor India, why are most of your female singers so high pitched? o.o

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:iconoldschoolownedplz: I love your OC! It is awesome!!! And you can't be anymore correct on how he is so good with tech. I knew a lot of Indians and yes they loved to be loud and proud! I wouldn't make India full on fluent in Italian since the majority speak Hindu or English. But apart from that I can't nitpick too much from your OC. :iconbrohugplz:
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